4 tips to earn the promotion you deserve

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4 tips to earn the promotion you deserve

2018-03-23T16:44:25+03:00 March 23rd, 2018|Career Advice, Personal Development|


  • A career plan is your career’s GPS
  • There are always new skills you can master  
  • Being proactive and invested make you unnoticeable
  • Hard work paired with smart work equals success

Promotions mean different things for various individuals. Others welcome it. Others reject it. Others just wish they could get themselves in the perfect position to get it.

Don’t end up demotivated because you just aren’t getting it. Here are 4 tips that can help you get that well-deserved promotion.

1. Plan your journey: Career Plan

Planning the way to your promotion is the best thing you can do for your career. Being able to envision the road to the promotion helps you identify all you need to make it.

Knowing all that you need to get a promotion will enable you to make the right decisions in terms of acquiring the necessary skills. It is safe to think of the career plan as your career’s GPS.  Career plans are subjective and factor in various aspects of individuals lives. This self-awareness and reflection helps you draw up plans that will yield the best results for you.

There are that many sites that offer free customizable career plan templates for you to use in planning your promotion journey. Brighter Monday Learning and other institutions provide individuals with career planning courses. These courses offer programs that are centred on career planning and work readiness.  

2. Upskill yourself

Promotions are usually based on a person’s ability to perform in the position that they’re being promoted to. Education and experience are two key factors that employers consider when promoting a candidate. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to experience.

Fortunately, you can always study further and obtain required skills or qualifications. The career plan would have illustrated what courses or skills you’d need to advance.  Embarking on these courses demonstrates to employers that you have thought through how that appointment would advance the company in exponential ways. This also makes the promotion deserved instead of by chance.

Brighter Monday Learning provides you with a platform to find thousands of courses to help up your skills. You can choose a course that fits your needs and study preferences.   

3. Improve your communication skills

“You’ve got to express yourself in life, and it’s better out than in. What you reveal, you heal.” – Chris Martin

This is true in the workplace as well. If you are active and vocal about your career aspirations and can express yourself to authority – You will get taken seriously.  

The aim is not being a teacher’s pet or an overly opinionated employee. The point is to show that you are an employee who is active and engaged in the happenings of the organisation. Expressing new ideas goes further and shows you are proactive and invested in improving the company, which employers acknowledge as a leader’s trait.  

A series of insightful and genuine inputs will get you a step closer to your goal.  You can enrol in various communication courses to be a more confident and effective communicator. Communication courses can help you become more competent at making things clear, managing diversity, building teams and dealing with problems. 

4. Do it before you get paid to do it

“Fake it till you make it” – Unknown

This phrase has been around for the longest of time, and there is a reason.  The reason is that it is applicable to almost all the professions of the world. If you do the activities of the job you want, you would be an expert at it by the time you are hired for it. It then makes sense why an employer would promote an “expert” instead of an employee that would need all training for a certain position.

If you are doing the job you want, others will recognise and may end up seeing you in that role despite your title. This will also put you in a position to assess whether you are really passionate about the desired position or not. Excelling in it will show your employer know that you’re ready for more responsibility and move up the organization.

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” – P. T. Barnum

So, whether you get the promotion or not, complaints and inaction will not aid your quest in getting that promotion. Show that you really want and deserve the position and you will get it – eventually.