Alumni Spotlight: Brenda Onyango from Moi University

//Alumni Spotlight: Brenda Onyango from Moi University
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Alumni Spotlight: Brenda Onyango from Moi University

2020-11-11T21:00:56+03:00 November 11th, 2020|Interview|

Educartis had the opportunity to speak to Brenda Onyango, a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering graduate from Moi University. Brenda is currently pursuing a Master’s in Management Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University in China. She shares her valuable insights on being a consultant and other key life skills.

Why did you decide to pursue a bachelors and masters in Engineering?

When I was growing up, a career in engineering never crossed my mind. I always thought I would be an accountant because of my love for Mathematics. Eventually, I developed an interest in Chemistry and Physics which led me to pursue Chemical Engineering. Throughout my bachelors, I enjoyed studying various elements of engineering and knew that this was the career for me. 



What do you currently do? What is your favourite thing about your role?

Currently, I’m pursuing my Master’s in Management Science and Engineering at one of the top universities in China called Tsinghua University. I am also pursuing various consultancy roles in the manufacturing sector, as well as the oil and gas sector. Being a consultant allows me to learn new things and the best way of executing them.


How did your education prepare you for your current career? In your experience, which employability skills are the most important for students to gain during their studies?

Well, I often question why I needed to memorise Fourier series and other mathematical phenomena but I discovered that it was not all about what you learned in school but how you learned it. I think education opens up one’s mind to have the ability to comprehend which is a very important life skill. I believe that other life skills such as communication, leadership and virtues such as patience, resilience and confidence make one attractive to potential employers.


What did you most enjoy about your student experience for both your undergraduate and graduate education?

I think what I enjoyed most about my student experience is not paying bills. Students never understand this but being a student is one of the best experiences in life. One gets to grasp new things, network and have a lot of time for new experiences. 

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What advice would you give to new students who are about to begin their higher education journey? How would you describe the current job market for new graduates?

I would tell new students to enjoy their student journey as much as possible. Take up opportunities, collaborate and get out of your comfort zone. The current job market is a race for the fittest. While you are a student, develop skills that will differentiate you from the rest.


You can find Brenda Onyango on LinkedIn.

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