Alumni Spotlight: George Ochieng Adongo from Africa International University

//Alumni Spotlight: George Ochieng Adongo from Africa International University
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Alumni Spotlight: George Ochieng Adongo from Africa International University

2020-10-14T01:48:43+00:00 October 14th, 2020|Interview|

Educartis spoke to George Ochieng Adongo, a Master of Divinity graduate from Africa International University (AIU). George is currently preaching at a church called CEC and also works as a fundraising consultant at Geobrega Holdings. He discusses his experience as a student at AIU and gives valuable advice to the students.

What program did you complete and why did you decide to pursue it?

In 2019, I graduated with a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Africa International University. I pursued this program to equip myself in biblical evangelical training and preaching in order to work at local church and community. 



What do you currently do? What is your favourite thing about your role?

I preach at a church called My Shepherd Worship Center (CEC) which is located at Ongata Rongai in Kajiado, Kenya. Additionally, I am a director of a company called Geobrega Holdings where I specialize in fundraising consultancy, youth coaching and researching.


How did your education prepare you for your current career? In your experience, which employability skills are the most important for students to gain during their studies?

For pastoral care: AIU provides an extensive pastoral program. We often attend spiritual enrichment programs in the chapel and bible study (detailed), systematic theology and church history. We also looked into community care, responsiveness to psychosocial challenges, proactive preaching, as well as teaching the bible in diverse contexts. If you study theology at AIU, you become a global authority.

For business: I learnt entrepreneurship in my undergraduate classes and leadership in postgraduate classes. Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy courses enabled my classical participation in contemporary issues. Additionally, I took a course in subject area methods which increased my preparation of syllabi, presentation and public speaking.

I am utilizing the principles of Bloom’s theory – cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills impart fundraising. I have summarized the thoughts (threefold Hs) – Head, Heart and Hands.

My mixed-method research during thesis writing and defence has given me requisite skills which are helping my engagement with the international community. I am currently interviewing with two leading companies from the USA with a view to establishing baseline reports.

Key employability skills for students include researching, intra- and interpersonal relationship, teaching and facilitating, networking and negotiating/lobbying.  


What did you most enjoy about your student experience?

I mainly enjoyed my interaction with professors and other members of staff during grace groups (Bible studies) at AIU. Students are more likely to enjoy a meal at Tamu cafeteria with the vice-chancellor and teaching staff.

When you want to relax your mind, you simply go to Kijiji. There you find a tranquil environment almost similar to five-star hotels in Nairobi City Center. Also, the global networking platform includes students from 31+ countries which offers great exposure to understanding the global economy.

AIU also insists on rigorous studying but friendly environment. All students at AIU know the meaning of deadlines, though Professor Carlson called them ‘lifelines’. But when you are facing personal challenges, the lecturers will gladly give an extension.

The cultural week is a high point when students sample diverse international cuisines and enjoy international community dances. The composition of youth and adults bridges the age gap and makes the environment fun to learn. When I was there, all our senior classmates outran the youngest members. Likewise, younger students get free mentorship from seniors. The worship team, drama and sports define the best psychotherapy and community bonding. 

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What advice would you give to new students who are about to begin their higher education journey?

I highly recommend AIU as one-stop-shop where you will interact freely with the international community and celebrate the rich and versatile interdisciplinary learning. The environment at Karen is also serene which optimizes studying and relaxation.


You can find George Ochieng Adongo on LinkedIn

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