Alumni Spotlight: Mark Omondi from KCA University

//Alumni Spotlight: Mark Omondi from KCA University
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Alumni Spotlight: Mark Omondi from KCA University

2020-12-19T22:06:07+03:00 December 19th, 2020|Interview|

Educartis spoke to Mark Omondi, a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance graduate from KCA University. Mark currently works as a Project Chief Accountant and greatly enjoys his work. He talks about the importance of education and how it prepared him for a great career in finance.

Mark OmondiWhy did you decide to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance?

I chose a major in Finance because it was the best choice for me since I had already received my CPA. Secondly, it also allows me to work with the decision-makers at the strategic level of the organization, hence providing me with a niche in the already dense market. The subject also compliments my inquisitive personality and my passion to find efficient and optimal business solutions in the ever-growing and dynamic finance related needs. Lastly, there are lots of opportunities in the field and it pays well (depending on the size of the organisation).


What do you currently do? What is your favourite thing about your role?

I currently work as a Project Chief Accountant and what I love about this role is that it offers me the ability to connect with various stakeholders. I get to set up new ways of doing business and handle the finance functions for the project. Teamwork is key to accomplish tasks and I like that every team member for this project knows and understands that deliverables must be submitted at the end of each day, hence making the role even much easier.


How did your education prepare you for your current career? In your experience, which employability skills are the most important for students to gain during their studies?

Education gives you the knowledge about the real world of business and how things work. It also sharpened my soft skills and work ethics in corporate culture. I learnt to manage expectations and my confidence level boosted in the work environment as I could apply my skills without any fear or doubt. More importantly, my network of former colleagues fosters different sectors and professions, and altogether it provides me with a ‘next-door solution’ to any business challenge.

I must say that finance and accounting improve your analytical, problem-solving and multi-tasking skills. Other key skills come along depending on the environment that you are in.


What did you most enjoy about your student experience for your undergraduate education at KCA University?

KCA University provided me with a good environment to pursue my undergraduate program. They helped me with flexible fee instalments, excellent study resources, and the lecturers who’d go an extra mile to help with my studies.

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What advice would you give to new students who are about to begin their higher education journey? How would you describe the current job market for new graduates?  

Thoughtfully choose your future career options as per the relevance and applicability into the economy. As you start the journey, think of ways to be self-reliant within your career choices since employment seems to be a mirage to many graduates at a later stage. 

I think that the new graduates, as well as entry-level professionals who are looking for growth and new opportunities, should know that the job market is thin in certain fields. However, the economy is expanding every day and new opportunities are emerging. With the required skills and right approach, it’s easier to find a job. Someone once advised me to just listen to the government and I will know when and where to direct my energy and skills at. Think about it.


You can find Mark Omondi on LinkedIn.

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