Skills of the future to master in a post-COVID-19 economy

//Skills of the future to master in a post-COVID-19 economy
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Skills of the future to master in a post-COVID-19 economy

2021-02-17T18:47:53+03:00 February 17th, 2021|Professional Development|

The COVID-19 pandemic has set a new normal for those of us wishing to advance our career paths. Whether you are still going on with your studies or want to switch your career, the on-going pandemic has made us less certain of what it is that employers need from us. What are the skills that you need to master to come out of this health crisis successfully? Here is a look into the top skills of the future post-COVID-19 that you need to master to make the best out of the new normal.

The pandemic has brought about innovations in businesses. From carrying out virtual launches, conferences and meetings to new vigour in the tech industry due to a growing reliance on technology to get work done amidst lockdowns. It has not only affected the way we work but has brought about specific skills-set that employers require. With the threat of the rapid rise in unemployment and with new job opportunities arising, what are the skills of the future for employment that will set you apart and make you come out of this crisis successful?

We have put together 7 critical skills of the future that you need to add to your skills-set to emerge successfully from the current crisis!

1. Leadership Skills 

Leadership is not only about delegating and managing tasks. It consists of communicating your ideas and goals, encouraging others to meet their potential, and most importantly, constantly being on the lookout for improving yourself. Feedbacks from friends, colleagues and supervisors are highly beneficial and should be embraced. 

To communicate your ideas forth, you need to master your oral and written communication skills while furthering your knowledge on your area of specialisation.

2. Critical Thinking Skills 

We are living in a fast phased age where there is a freeloading of information taking place. Critical thinking and rational thinking comes in handy when data can be misconstrued and information can be facts-less. There is a need to dig deeper while processing information.

Employers want individuals who are prone to asking significant questions. Asking yourself the Five Ws – Who, What, When, Where and Why should be something that can be inculcated through practice. So start asking the important questions!

skills3. Technological Skills

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again shown us how indispensable technology is. Having digital skills in today’s economy not only opens up new avenues but also helps us work through an on-going crisis.

Businesses are ever so reliant on technology and expect their employees to be complacent as well. Businesses tend to invest in people who have a good grasp of technology and have the necessary digital skills-set.

4. Creative Skills 

Creativity, or thinking outside the box is a necessary skill to have across all industries and sectors. With a fast-changing and fast-evolving economy, businesses need to adapt to new realities within a short time. It means that everyone associated with the economy has to have a jump start on what is going on. Businesses need creative minds to thrive and succeed. Not only does your creative skills help you face challenges, but you are well accustomed to utilising your opportunities as well.

5. Marketing Skills 

The pandemic has shown us businesses that can withstand a crisis and those that cannot. Those businesses that have stayed on and those that have emerged victorious are the ones who altered their products and services according to not only the economic woes but according to their customer’s needs and requirements as well. 

Marketing plays a significant role when it comes to catering to the customer’s needs and wants. To accomplish this huge feat, businesses are on the lookout for individuals who can best connect with their customer’s demands and understand their wants, even during challenging times.

6. Interpersonal and Communication Skills 

Maintaining professional relationships, networking and creating a growing list of connections can be achieved even while going the distance! There is now a need to develop social skills via digital platforms. In today’s distance economy, one needs to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Not only to get sight of new opportunities but to grow business clientele. Forging relations remotely should be taken as our new reality. And remember, people always appreciate that one extra step that you take to communicate your ideas forth.

7. Data Literacy

Data is an indispensable segment of any and every business venture. It helps businesses predict their growth stability, interpret market demands and the viability of the business under future calamities. At present, companies rely on data to survey the market to better serve their customers during a pandemic situation as well as a post-pandemic situation. Employers are on the lookout for individuals who can interpret data and make informed, better decisions for the growth of the company. Thus, data literacy is a skill that will take you a long way during these unprecedented times.

Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind

  • Leadership skills comprise not only leading and delegating tasks but making informed decisions using appropriate communication methods
  • Implement the Five Ws Rule in your life to come to a coherent understanding of the information received 
  • Technology is here to stay. Keep updating your digital skills-set to stay ahead of the crises at hand
  • Thinking outside the box and working on your creative skills will help you come out of challenging times successfully
  • Understand what the market demands are. Grasp of customer needs will help businesses cater to what is required
  • Maintain a strong social presence, even while keeping the distance

Spending time honing these skills of the future will not only help you with your job hunting, but it will also help you sustain yourself during these challenging times. You will be able to kickstart your career alongside a recovering economy. Furthermore, the skills mentioned above are valuable lifelong assets that can help you in your career. 

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