The Top 5 Online Courses in Kenya

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The Top 5 Online Courses in Kenya

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Online learning has grown exponentially over the last decade. In fact, one in four students are enrolled in online courses all over the world. In the US alone, 5.8 million people are currently registered for online courses. Predictions are, that by 2020, 40% of all education will be conducted mainly online.

For Kenyans in particular, online education provides an opportunity for students who might not previously have been able to access Universities or educational institutions. It allows a space for students to be able to study a course of their choice which they might not have been able to before due to financial restraints or distance obstacles.

We took a look at some of the top online courses in Kenya for you to choose from. The courses were handpicked from a variety of disciplines in order to get a full view of the choices you have online.

Which online course to choose?

Here are the top courses for you to choose from.

Creating a Top-Notch Client Management SystemType: Three Week, Online Course


Price: KSh 6500

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Diploma in Information TechnologyType: 18 Month Diploma

Starts: Flexible

Price: KSh 101000

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MSc in Managerial PsychologyType: Two Year Online Masters

Starts: Flexible

Price: TBA

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)Type: One year online, Bachelor

Starts: Flexible

Price: TBA  

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Project Management Professional CertificationType: 18 Month on Campus Diploma

Start: Flexible

Price: KSh 71,000

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Which is the Course Recommended by Educartis?

Creating a Top-Notch Client Management System from Mammoth is the course necessary for anyone moving into a client facing position. The course equips the student with the skills of articulating the message of the brand, managing conflict with customers as well as creating an engaging customer journey.

Should your career trajectory include IT inspirations, the Diploma in Information Technology from Finstock Evarsity College is a great online option for you to consider. It equips the students with the following skills:

  • Troubleshoot Computer hardware and Software issues
  • Manipulate Database
  • Develop and Manage Networks

The Project Management Professional (PMP), also from Finstock, is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It’s an online course that mainly targets project managers, providing skill sets in planning, scheduling, budgeting and project roll out.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Wales is a challenging MBA course,designed to expose students to all areas of business through a diverse range of modules with an emphasis on the strategic nature of decision making.

An interesting aspect of the course includes studying how people impact nonbusiness thinking and the systems that can be used to enhance this fundamental part of any organisation. The course covers the vitals of basic business aspects such as leadership, organisation, creativity, and team-working skills, while gaining an in-depth understanding of real world complexities regarding topics such as strategic and financial management.

Why Should You Take an Online Course?

Whether it be for financial or distance reasons, or even due to the lack of a local option of your field of study, online courses can be your answer to furthering yourself in your industry. Online courses, especially in Africa have numerous advantages including the following:

  • Online courses bridge the gap between real world and the digital realm. Opportunities are forged for students who were previously not able to access the field of their study and allows for information sharing and the opening of quality educational resources;
  • Online can, interestingly, can forge more productive teamwork and participation. Emails, skype and various other online tools allow for increased and instant communication and discussion panels. This will also prepare the student for online communication in the workplace of choice;
  • Should the student be working, online courses provides the answer that they need to continue working and studying at the same time. The high cost of education means that not everyone can afford it without continuing work at the same time;
  • Students unable to access quality education from rural areas can make use of the online functionality that bridges the gap between rural and urban areas;
  • Lecturers are able to make use of innovation to further heighten their teaching techniques and reach their students in unique and informative ways;
  • Online courses mean that the student can work and learn at their own pace as well as have control over their learning processes;
  • International and national boundaries are no longer barriers to education for students. International qualifications are possible for even the most remote students.

What you should take into account when looking for an Online Course

One of the main hindrances to online learning is the access to technology as well as a stable internet connection. Many courses these days include video content and learnings which require a stable connection. In remote regions and rural areas, this could impact the students learnings due to not receiving the full syllabus.

Working and studying means that most students have severe time restrictions. As much as online courses allow for progress in your own time, time management is vital in ensuring that the course can be successfully completed with the ultimate results.

The last thing to take into consideration is the credibility of the institution as well as the course. Reputable universities and colleges ensure that the standard of education that you are receiving is on an international level. Doing some research into the course is vital in ensuring that you are  not wasting your valuable paycheck on an education.