The Top Six Computer Science Courses in Kenya

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The Top Six Computer Science Courses in Kenya

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IT the second fastest growing and evolving professions in the world behind real estate. Now is the time to jump on that bandwagon!

Computers made their first appearances in businesses in the 1980’s, and have since become vital to organisational success globally. Three decades on, we simply cannot imagine a world without technology, online connectivity, and communication as well as information at our fingertips.

New trends in the Computer Sciences sector/market

With the unimaginable growth and constant evolution of technology has come new and constantly developing opportunities. Job titles and positions that did not exist even ten years ago are now becoming highly sought after and well paid positions. And the market can’t seem to get enough! With this insatiable need for IT staff in mind, we took a look at the top Computer Science Courses for you to choose from in Kenya. If fast-paced, constantly evolving and high-paying positions is what you are after, these are the courses for you!

With a Computer Sciences background, you can look into positions like but not limited to:

  • Software application developer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Software systems developer
  • Web developer
  • Network systems administrator
  • Database administrator

The opportunities are actually endless, and the more skill you develop, and experience you gain, the more you will be sought after. Experience will also mean that you will find your niche, and in IT, this is your bread and butter. Plenty of IT professionals have gone on to specialize in a field, and become the top ranking expert in that field. It is not impossible!

Within Kenya currently, the highest ranking positions are currently technical and business architecture, as well as business analysis. If you find yourself in one of these positions, you can find yourself taking home around an average over KES450,000.

Which are the best Computer Sciences Courses in Kenya?

Here are the top five courses in Kenya:

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Type: 2 year On Campus Diploma

Starts: 08/01/2019

Price: KES 310000 total

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Diploma in Business Information TechnologyType: 5 Trimesters, On Campus, Diploma

Starts: Flexible

Price: KSh 25,000

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CNNAType: 3 months, on campus course

Starts: Flexible

Price: KSh  100,000 Total

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Web designing: PHP CourseType: 6 weeks, On Campus, Course

Starts: Flexible

Price: KSh 15000

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Diploma in Information TechnologyType: 18 Month Online Diploma

Start: Flexible

Price: KSh 101000

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BSc Computer Science BachelorType: 3 years Bachelor, Online

Start: Flexible

Price: $ 14,400

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Which is the course recommended by Educartis?

The first stepping stone in any IT field would be a Bachelors programme. These would be highly to ensure that you have a solid foundation in the Computer Sciences field. Most companies require a Bachelor’s Degree and offer a higher paying salary should you have this to your name. The Master’s Degree is an extra two years, however, you can expect higher pay and a more senior role.

In many cases, an organisation will comfortably accept a Diploma. Should you wish to choose this route, Finstock Evarsity College could be your answer. Your key learnings from the College will include troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues, manipulating databases and developing and managing networks.

Should you already be working within the industry, and find yourself needing a good top-up or refresher on what the current trends are in the industry, the Ethical hacking five day crash-course is the way to go. It looks at the latest security threats, delves into advanced attack vendors and gives you the latest on hacking techniques. Anyone protecting their organisation from online threats should consider this course on an annual basis!

Trends in the Computer Science Industry

  • Computer Sciences and IT allows for the individual to choose which side of the business they want to be contributing to.
  • Technical architects dabble in the software application and design new applications and systems.
  • Business architects work in the strategic trajectory of the business. They are involved in planning, executing and connecting the strategy, systems and technology with the people;
  • Web designers are the geniuses behind everything online. Websites in Kenya are becoming more and more important, with an increasing amount of people turning online for shopping, information or content.
  • Ecommerce is starting to grow in the country, and is expected to boom in the next five years, Web designers and developers are therefore becoming vital in job searches. They are currently earning an average salary of over KES290,000, and this is predicted to increase exponentially.

What you should take into account when looking for a Computer Sciences Course

Naturally the first thing that you need to consider when picking a course is your current position.

  • Are you just out of school?
  • Are you currently already placed in an organisation?
  • Are you currently working within the IT/ Computer Sciences field?
  • What is your current knowledge and experience within the field?
  • What are your end goals for the course of your choice?
  • Where would you like to be placed in an organisation?
  • What type of work within the Computer Sciences interests you the most?

A Bachelor is a perfect pick for someone coming straight out of school and looking to start a lucrative career in a constantly evolving industry. A course, whether it be a refresher, or a top-up would be the pick for someone who is currently in the industry, looking to expand their skills and increase that monthly paycheck.

Keep in mind your skills and abilities too. Web development demands science and maths to code and configure functionality of the site. Design on the other hand, uses more of a creative and design skill. Here, you will be utilizing your skills of  conceptualizing, planning, and building to determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and interactive features that deliver pages to a website.