Why is study-work balance so important

//Why is study-work balance so important
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Why is study-work balance so important

2021-02-16T09:59:32+03:00 February 12th, 2021|Education and Training|

Education alone is not enough to excel in today’s world. With the demands of skills, experience, and education on the rise, maintaining the study-work balance is the new norm. Being a working student is taxing, but it is rewarding in the long term, which is why so many people make this choice. 

While juggling work and study is not for everyone, sometimes it does become difficult to prioritise! It shouldn’t be the reason why you opt-out of it. There’s a certain sense of responsibility and independence that is as rewarding as things come. So before you jump the gun, here are reasons why we at Educartis think you should consider bringing about #StudyWorkBalance.

Benefits of working while studying

  • Extra Income
  • Networking opportunity
  • Work experience
  • Develop time management skills
  • Financial management

Here are the 5 tips and tricks to make it work for you 

1. Forge alliances with your classmates

Study buddies can keep you up-to-speed in case you miss any class for work. Finding other people in your class who are working and studying full time can be helpful because they’ll relate to your situation, and your relationship can be mutually beneficial. 

2. Prioritise

Create a visual map of your time so you can see your progress and deadlines. Obtain your class and work schedule well in advance. Divide your time thoughtfully and factor in time for relaxation and loved ones. Think strategically about your time, since it will be your most precious resource as a working student. Consider all the facets of your life including family, money, spirituality, achievement, learning, and health. Prioritize each of these factors so you can carve up your schedule allocating time accordingly.  

study-work balance3. Communicate your situation with your boss and lecturers

At the outset, let your teachers know that you are working and studying at the same time.  They may be more lenient or they may connect you to other working students. There may be work opportunities at the learning institution that could help you. Inform your employer of your plans to study. Assure them that you have worked out how to manage your time. Demonstrate your commitment to your job by offering to work on holidays.  If you back this up with your actions, your employers will likely be impressed. 

4. Have you thought through all your options?

You could select a work-study option, which typically entails working for the institution where you’re studying. Although you may work for a stipend, your fees could be reduced. The major benefit of this option is that working and studying in the same place means less time spent commuting. Are you going to choose to work part-time, study part-time or do both part-time? 

It might be easier to build your study schedule around part-time work, especially if you opt for distance-learning or online learning options. Part-time studying may take longer to complete, but the advantage is you will be able to work more. This might be necessary depending on your financial situation. Internships can be a fruitful way to acquire free training while racking up work experience. Typically, you will be offered a job at the end of your internship so you can look at it as a worthwhile investment. 

5. Remind yourself of the benefits

Working and studying at the same time might be very stressful, and you’ll inevitably find yourself asking in exasperation, “Why am I doing this?” or you may even feel like quitting. But in today’s challenging world, your work experience bolsters your employment prospects because it equips you with the necessary skills. You might be able to save money for your future or have more money available for socialising. You’re able to keep your current job while advancing your career or develop an entirely new set of skills. This means you don’t have to worry about paying back a hefty study loan. 


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